Michelle has been awarded the:

  • IFA Goals Based Adviser of the Year 2017

  • Entry into the FSPower 50 - The 50 most influential advisers in Australia 2018 & 2017

  • Money Management and Super Review Inaugural Mentor of the Year Award 2013

  • Money Management Financial Planner of the Year 2012

  • FPA Best Practice National Winner CFP Professional Category 2012

  • FPA Best Practice Award VIC State Winner CFP Professional Category 2012

And has been a Finalist for the:

  • Money Management Woman in Financial Services Woman of the Year Award 2014

  • Money Management Woman in Financial Services Awards 2013

  • AFA Adviser of the Year - Finalist 2012

  • AFA Female Excellence in Advice - Finalist 2011

Michelle was also a top 6 Finalist of the AFA Adviser of the Year Award 2012 and a top 6 finalist of the inaugural AFA Female Excellence in Advice Award 2011. 

"Was with great delight and pride that I read the news about your awards Michelle. What a fantastic honour to have been 'advised' by someone of your calibre, integrity and professionalism. You and your team richly deserve the accolade of being 'the best". That this is being acknowledged by your industry and peers is the reward for all the work you have put into presenting a product / service that ensures that the customer is treated with dignity and respect. Your provision model of where financial advice / support is a two way educational process not a one way delivery creates clients who have the knowledge and skills to run the gauntlet of any financial crisis. "
- Dorothy, Client of over 7 years

"CONGRATULATIONS! The first ever financial planner to get the hat-trick!"  

Click here to read more from Mark Rantall, CEO Financial Planning Association of Australia...

"FPA announces Best Practice Award Winners 19 November 2012" Click here to read more...

"Money Management Michelle Tate-Lovery named Financial Planner of the Year 23 November 2012"

…“It was her commitment to professionalism and education which impressed the judges the most...Michelle has made a significant contribution to the continued drive towards professionalism in the industry...” click to read on...

A message from Michelle Tate-Lovery,
multi award winning Principal Adviser of Unified Financial Services:- 

"Whilst it is great and such an honour to be recognised by your peers and the financial services industry, the privilege has all been mine - serving my clients for 24 years and being part of them having financial freedom and leading happier lives. Wow - Unified Financial Services, a boutique firm in Carlton, the fantastic team and the way we practice financial planning, has been acknowledged to be the best in Australia by our professional body and the financial services industry leading publication...it doesn't get better than that.”

“After so many years in the industry, the challenge is to re-energise yourself, continue to learn and innovate. Our team strive to be the best we can be for our clients in order to deliver excellent advice, a high standard of service and superior value. The Awards, and more particularly the different Award processes, have once again shown us that we have stepped it up.”

“There are a lot of great financial planners out there to choose from, these Awards we hope, give our clients and our associates who refer, a sense of confidence that they are in good hands. We hope to keep being part of Award processes so our clients continue to have confidence in the quality of advice we give and so we continue to raise the bar.”