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Business Consulting

Your business has to be aligned with your values and enable you to achieve your personal goals - to give you the life you want.

Running a business is demanding, challenging and full of rewards, it is not enough to be good at what you do, as the owner, you are wearing multiple competing 'hats'.

Having a financial guide can let you focus on what you do best, and have huge rewards for your personal work life balance and the success of your business overall.

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How can a financial planner help your business?

  • Align your personal and business goals - to ensure the business is delivering to your personal needs.
  • Work with cashflow and budget – develop good habits and plan to smooth out income
  • Review of personal and business income, set up a pattern of regular income – how much income should you take and in what form?
  • Assistance with accounting software to produce meaningful reports
  • Review of expenses
  • Review areas of responsibility for finance
  • Review of company structure
  • Design cashflows for the business – set monthly targets for income, expenses and profitability
  • Set up record keeping for business
  • Assistance in developing business plan and marketing
  • Review company tax returns
  • Preparing business for sale
  • Buy / Sell agreements
  • Key person insurance
  • Self Managed Super Funds


Succession Planning

  • Out of 2.7 million small businesses, 61% are going to retire next 10 years, yet 90% have no formal documented succession plan,
  • When asked about the business owners expectations, 15% said they would close the business down, 27% expect to pass it on and 58% expect to sell business.
  • Only 1/3 of family businesses survive to the next generation, and then only 10% to the 3rdgeneration.

At a recent conference in November 2012 we heard from a speaker regarding a KPMG report that showed:- 

With early planning, you can have clarity about what you need to fund your retirement, what your business needs to be valued at to achieve this, and if necessary, have adequate time to bridge the gap.

Moreover, Succession planning is not just about having a plan for when you retire or wish to sell your business.

It should encompass all sorts of scenarios including resignation, a business dispute, death or disability.

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