Career Change

They say change is as good as a holiday - well a career change can be even better!

Exciting, scary, challenging are some things you might be feeling as you take a step towards a new opportunity.

Taking charge of your career is powerful, so why not seek advice on how it impacts the rest of your financial life - explore your options, test some scenarios and go into it fully armed.

Maybe reducing your income is not so bad - it isn't always about the dollars and cents - so take a deeper look and see what's really possible.

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Thinking about a career change

  • how much do you need to earn to meet your other goals?
  • what will an increase or decrease in income mean for your day to day life - and don't forget the impact on retirement!
  • what assets can you use to supplement your income?
  • are there any Centrelink benefits availableto you whilst you search for a new job?

Already got the job - have you asked yourself

  • what net income will you actually be receiving? 
  • is salary packaging available? How do you optimise this?
  • how do you optimise your tax position?
  • how to maximise savings?
  • how does your new salary impact your other goals?
  • is the new default super fund right for you?
  • do you have enough insurance given your new income?
  • how to best structure your insurance, inside or outside of superannuation?