Clients we work best with

  • We focus on ensuring we can provide maximum client satisfaction and a sustainable business to service our clients for the long term.

To do this, prior to commencing our relationship we assess whether we are the right financial planning firm for you.

Whilst Unified Financial Services Pty Ltd is structured to provide a specialised financial planning service to Health Professionals, we also service a wider range of clients, mainly from vocational occupations.

Some of our best outcomes have also been with clients who have engaged us in a project management role, where they have been going through significant change and crisis.

We work with people in various life stages, from starting your career, right through to retiring, our service is tailored to individual needs and we are able to provide advice by applying the financial planning principles relevant to your situation.

Even if you already have an adviser, we can provide you with a fresh perspective and insight.

We work best with clients who:-

  • Are busy professionals who want to gain better control of their financial position and who appreciate they do not have the time or expertise to implement and evaluate a financial plan and strategies solely on their own.
  • Use our services to identify issues, develop strategies, prioritise and take action!
  • Are professionals within the health industry, government sector, or work as consultants, who are seeking advice from someone who understands the professional issues they need to manage, and can integrate with their personal finances.
  • Are receptive and responsive to understanding the tasks or actions required to move forward in their financial position. 
  • Are good communicators, keeping abreast of the changes occurring in their life and keeping us informed along the way to ensure we can achieve their planned outcomes.
  • Look to us as their sounding board, a resource that they can bounce ideas off to see the financial implications of e.g. changing jobs, whether to purchase a holiday home or change residence.
  • Trust us as their adviser and trust that we will provide support during difficult times.
  • Are decision makers who want clarity and to learn and understand to make informed financial decisions.
  • Are committed to a long term personalised relationship, understanding that there are no quick fixes and the financial planning process offers the best outcomes through an ongoing relationship.  
  • Value what we do and are willing to pay for advice and the special relationship they have with their Advisor/Firm.
  • Are looking for lifestyle, want to be organised and have better control of their financial situation. Allocate the time to understanding their choices so that they can make informed decisions.