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Financial Advice For Doctors in Private Practice

As a medical practitioner, you may already be facing the challenge of building the value of your practice so you can retire financially secure. 

Unified Financial Services can transfer your 'personal goodwill' to valuable ‘practice goodwill’. 

Our unique industry specialisation advisory service to medical professionals includes:

  • A practice performance program to attract and retain high quality contracting Doctors;
  • Financial and industry performance benchmarks to improve the performance of your practice; 
  • A risk assessment workshop/report to minimise your practice risks; 
  • A valuation model that determines the true ‘goodwill’ value for your practice; 
  • A succession planning process to create a shared vision for the future of your practice.

Find out more about how our program is benefiting medical specialists in private practice.

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Private Practice Case Study

Value Improvement Benchmarking Advice ('viba')

A clear pathway to improving practice success; AND to retiring financially secure, this case study addresses 3 specific concerns:

  • Declining practice profitability, productivity and performance;
  • No shared vision between Doctors and the practices’ medical services team for the future of the practice; and
  • No formal succession plan that address how to transition the practice from ‘personal’ goodwill to ‘practice’ goodwill.

The purpose of our case study is to highlight how the 'Value Improvement Benchmarking Advice' process can also help you retire financially secure by transitioning your medical practice from ‘personal’ goodwill to ‘practice’ goodwill.

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We are part of an independent network of accredited Value Improvement Benchmarking Advisers specialising in providing growth, improvement, succession and estate planning advisory services to Doctors in private practice.