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View Michelle Tate-Lovery's Interviews where she discusses the challenges of the sandwich generation and how seeking financial planning advice can help:- 
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Interview Part 2

Money and Life - Wealth creation - what works for financial planning clients
17 August 2017

Professional Planner – “Arts meet commerce: rare academic background provides insight”13th March 2017

Starts At 60 - “Insiders’ tips for finding, and keeping, a great financial adviser”
19th February 2017

Professional Planner – “A fitness pro gives financial advice a go, and it works out”
13th February 2017

SBS Life - "The awkward money conversations you need to have"
1st February 2016

The Huffington Post - "Finance Tips for your 20s, 50s and beyond"
28th August 2015

FPA Ask an Expert Blog - SMSF versus "standard super"
27th August 2015

FPA Ask an Expert Blog - Types of Insurance & contingency planning
27th August 2015

FPA Ask an Expert Blog - Retirement advice - information needed
27th August 2015

Professional Planner - "‘Most trusted’ adviser network grows as Beddoes revisits adviser-client relationships"
24th August 2015

FPA Ask an Expert Blog - Diversification into international investments
24th August 2015

FPA Ask an Expert Blog - Wealth accumulation and financial literacy
24th August 2015

Michelle Tate-Lovery writes for the FPA Blog, Financial Planning Week 2015 - "How to manage the conflicted years to secure your financial future"
20th August 2015

Ninemsn - Coach - "5 clever steps to faking adulthood"
15th June 2015

Michelle Tate-Lovery featured in YMag - "Y in Life Connected to Y in Business"
25th November 2014

Unified Financial Services - Featured in The Age - Money Section - "How to find a good Financial Adviser"
17th September 2014

FPA Ask an Expert Blog - "Investment strategies for young people"
Michelle Tate-Lovery writes for the Financial Planning Association of Australia Ask an Expert Blog 19/8/2014.

"The cost of kids - how to manage it"
Australian Associated Press interviews Michelle Tate-Lovery 2/7/2014.

The Exchange TV Panel - "Cash or Credit?"

Michelle Tate-Lovery talks about effective cashflow planning for The Exchange TV Panel April 2014

The New Daily - "When two become one: How to merge your finances"

"The Best Financial Advice You Will Ever Receive"
Michelle Tate-Lovery is interviewed for new.com.au 3/2/2014.

"In need of some heir? How to plan your Estate"
Michelle Tate-Lovery interviewed on Estate Planning for 'The New Daily' 13/1/2014.

"Working out what you want from your investments is easier when you have a Plan" Michelle Tate-Lovery is interviewed on investment planning for 'The Courier Mail' and 'The Telegraph' 5/1/2014.

"Regulator must embrace simple SOA approach"
Michelle Tate-Lovery discusses best practice in documenting quality advice at the Financial Planning Association Congress, Financial Observer, 29/10/13.

Michelle Tate-Lovery interviewed by Sky Business News
"Your Money, Your Call - Retirement", topics include: financial planning philosophy, how the industry has changed, investment and asset allocation, 18/10/13.

"Don't let money worries ruin your relationship"
Michelle Tate-Lovery interviewed for the Herald Sun, Body and Soul, 13/10/13. 

"The Australian Women's Weekly - Ultimate Guide to Divorce - The Expert to Call
Michelle Tate-Lovery interviewed for the Australian Women's Weekly - Divorce Special Edition 2013. This article is a guide as to which professionals are required and how to pick them. 

"Grow your wealth"
Michelle Tate-Lovery writes about Financial Planning for Osteo Life magazine Spring 2013 edition.

"Helping people realise their full potential"
The Financial Planning Association interviews Michelle Tate-Lovery about mentoring financial advisers 17/09/2013.

"Are your clients throwing you a curveball?"
Kathleen Payne interviews Michelle Tate-Lovery for "Wealth Professional" on boosting clients savings 2/09/2013.

"Is your credit card debt giving you nightmares?"
Lucy Kippist interviews Michelle Tate-Lovery on how to better manage credit cards for news.com.au 3/07/2013.

"Business Owners Give Their Take on Which Qualities Make a Leader Great?"
Ashley Poulter interviews Michelle Tate-Lovery on leadership for ceoblognation 30/05/2013.

"Investors fall back on cash"
Michelle Tate-Lovery interviewed for the Australian Financial Review, by ZOË FIELDING, JAMES FROST AND PATRICK COMMINS 6/05/2013.

"FPA 2012 National Best Practice Award Client Event"
Over 120 clients enjoyed the dinner and dance which was held on April 27 to celebrate “50 years of Combined Excellence in Financial Planning” – the total combined experience of Michelle and her team at UFS in Carlton 27/4/2013.

"Awards give small business credibility"
Belinda Smart interviews multi-award winning financial adviser Michelle Tate-Lovery about the benefits of business awards 21/03/13.

Michelle Tate-Lovery on radio
Listen to Michelle Tate-Lovery being interviewed about "Income Protection Insurance" by John Stanley on 2UE Mornings 28/02/13.

"Stanley comments on the issue of income protection. Host speaks to Michelle Tate-Lovery, award winning Financial Planner, about the ins and outs of income protection. Tate-Lovery cites having income insurance is pivotal for people's future plans. Tate-Lovery cites income protection doesn't cover a loss of job, redundancy or being retrenched. Tate-Lovery cites people who become carers for a sick loved one aren't eligible for income protection. Tate-Lovery shares tips on how to choose a great income protection policy."

"Michelle Tate-Lovery: a step ahead of the rest"
Milana Pokrajac interviews Michelle Tate-Lovery about becoming the 2012 Money Management Financial Planner of the Year 23/11/2012.