Investment Philosophy

4 Key Ingredients to our Investment Philosophy: 

1) Strategy and Structure: 

  • We are active in the area we can control, which is your asset allocation, proven to provide the majority of your results. 
  • We focus on flexibility, diversification, liquidity, tax effectiveness & low fees. 
  • We outsource investment management so that we concentrate on your Financial Life Plan.
  • Sometimes value comes from what we don’t do – e.g. we don’t believe in high portfolio turnover, this increases your fees and taxes. 

2) Minimise Risk: 

  • Why take on more risk than required. Capital preservation is paramount. 
  • Risk required to achieve objectives Vs Risk toleration in order to sleep at night maybe two different things - sometimes there is a tradeoff - we work with you to understand the implications of your decision.

3) Timing: 

  • No one can pick when the market will turn around.

4) We don't chase last year's winner:

  • Research indicates this is likely to ensure you miss out on this year's winner.