Lawyers - why refer clients to a financial planner?

We understand the financial implications and help clients implement

In most cases your clients will be facing complex personal and financial issues whilst seeking your legal advice.

It may be difficult whilst you are on the spot to clearly identify a financial issue or opportunity for a client, particularly as you are dealing with the more specific issues at hand which relate to your area of legal expertise. 

Clients are likely to be unaware of just how complex things are, or how they can maximise their financial position.

When overwhelmed, clients feel paralyzed, for the Lawyer this is a standstill in the case, we can help keep the momentum going to bring the case to resolution.

Hear from our client Teresa, who was referred to us by her lawyer and engaged our services for financial direction, project management and support.

Teresa has bravely shared her story in the hope that others seek financial guidance if they are feeling overwhelmed.

No financial issue is too big to work through, we engage clients in a process to propel them forward into action, they know what to do next according to their personal action plan.

Does your client need financial advice in any of the following areas?

  • Aged care
  • Business start up or winding down
  • Coming together as a couple or blended families
  • Divorce or ending a relationship
  • Inheritance
  • Legacy and integenerational planning - financial implications for Will beneficiaries
  • Recently widowed or managing an Estate

Or it may be that information management is proving difficult - we help clients provide their solicitors with a clear, current and complete picture of their overall financial position.

We understand the importance for clients to have a successful relationship between their solicitor and financial adviser.

If you think you may have a potential client in need of financial planning, please contact us to assess whether we can help.

Our appraisal meeting can assist them to be able to see what's really possible. You are welcome to be present at this meeting. 

Furthermore, if we can assist you as a technical resource please contact us.