Michelle Tate-Lovery is a nationally recognised multi award winning Certified Financial Planner (CFP), which is the highest qualification in the financial planning industry.

Michelle has been awarded the:-

  • Money Management and Super Review Inaugural Mentor of the Year Award 2013
  • Money Management Financial Planner of the Year Award
  • FPA 2012 Best Practice Award State Winner CFP Professional Category
  • FPA 2012 Best Practice National Winner CFP Professional Category

Michelle was also a top 6 Finalist of the AFA Adviser of the Year Award 2012 and a top 6 Finalist of the inaugural AFA Female Excellence in Advice Award 2011. 

Being a strong advocate for financial planning as a career, Michelle takes a keen interest in spending time with people who are looking at entering the financial planning industry (often from a different career).

Read more about Michelle's passion for mentoring in the following Financial Planning Association of Australia interview:-

"Helping people realise their full potential"

In addition, Michelle is involved in the Women in Finance Mentoring Program, AFA Mentoring Program and presenting to post graduate students at Deakin University.

Over the course of her 25 year career, Michelle has mentored Advisers, Practice Managers, Support Staff and Business Owners to reach their full potential.

Michelle is active in the Financial Planning Industry being on the Transition to Fee for Service Taskforce, and previously the CFP Curriculum Taskforce: Ethics, Professionalism and Compliance, and has been a Judge of the Value of Advice Awards (2008 - 2010) and in 2013 was the judge of FPA Best Practice Awards CFP.

Michelle also volunteers for a number of financial education programs including:-

  • Financial Planning Association’s “Ask an Expert” program 2011, 2012, 2013 helping to build higher standards to inspire trust and confidence in the community,
  • Smith Family Mentoring Program - Money for Well Being
  • The Government's understanding money campaign
  • The Queen Victoria Women's Centre in partnership with WIRE - Women's Information and the Victorian Government  

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