Financial Planning - Having Kids

Starting a family is exciting! It can also be scary, both financially and emotionally.

It is not uncommon to focus on one aspect of your life at a time but you need to bring it all together and see what’s really possible for you (not your friends or the couple next door but you!).

Whether you are starting a family or already have kids, with a structured Financial Plan, we can put to rest your uncertainties so you can focus on the excitement of being parents.

It is essential you seek advice to ensure other parts of your life don't suffer - getting the right balance between fun, work and family.

Our strength is in showing you what is possible and the different trade-offs that you may need to make in order to achieve certain goals.

We also of course assist in your technical questions such as those around family payments.

Sometimes it is about making the small things count so you can enjoy the big things.

We are located in Carlton, Melbourne VIC, however have clients all over Australia and overseas.

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Financial questions you may be asking yourself upon having children

  • When can we afford kids? And how many kids given our goals?
  • What's the best way to save for my kids?
  • How do we improve our budget?
  • What mortgage can we afford?
  • What is the effect of taking a "mortgage holiday" feature on our overall debt position?
  • Can we afford to upsize our house?
  • How would IVF costs affect my Financial Plan?
  • Will we get Family Tax Benefits from Centrelink?
  • Is the baby bonus or paid parental leave best for me? (Impacts on other Centrelink benefits including Family Tax Benefit B need to be considered).
  • How can I optimise paid parental leave and the tax I pay? 
  • What is Dad and Partner pay? 
  • Are there different rules for Centrelink benefits if I am adopting? 
  • What Centrelink benefits apply if I am a Foster parent? 
  • When do I need to go back to work to meet my financial commitments?
  • How much do I need to earn? 
  • What are the childcare options and is there any government help?
  • Is salary sacrificing pre-tax salary to pay for employer provided care versus receiving Government childcare benefits for approved childcare centres better for me financially? 
  • What does starting a family now mean for my long term retirement?
  • How can I optimise superannuation opportunities while on maternity leave?
  • Can we afford private schooling?
  • What happens if I cannot work - is there protection for that?
  • What effect does going on maternity leave have on my income protection insurance?
  • What insurance changes do I need to make to ensure my family is protected?