Financial Planning Advice for Relocation and Expats

Working abroad is a great opportunity, it can also be hectic and challenging. 

The rules in which you live financially have now changed - it is not as easy as jumping on the plane.

It is vital that you seek advice to ensure you are well prepared for what lies ahead but also that you have left things in Australia in tip top shape. 

Getting the right advice now allows you to relax on your flight and then you can explore the opportunities overseas knowing that your affairs are under control. 

We can review how the change impacts on your short and long term goals and make sure your investments are well managed with the appropriate declarations are made. 

Did you know

Being a non-resident is not as simple as 'working overseas' - there are rules and conditions:

  • Your bank account interest is treated differently
  • Your shares and managed funds are treated differently
  • There are different rules for internationally based investments
  • Your property is treated differently
  • Tax may be payable before you leave and upon your return
  • Each country has different tax rules and agreements with Australia
  • Your superannuation cannot just be left alone - it needs to be reviewed
  • There may be an impact on your personal insurances
  • Buying investments back in Australia whilst overseas can be beneficial

The impact on you

  • Will you be earning more - how to get any savings back to Australia
  • What if you earn less - how does this impact your other goals
  • What do you do with your tax returns
  • When do you need to come back - what financial position will you be in
  • Should you  rent out your property
  • Should you sell investments