Retirement Financial Planning

How do you retire when you want, on the income that you want?

We help you have peace of mind and more certainty around achieving the lifestyle you want, without compromise. 

Retirement could be triggered by a wide range of issues, it may be that you feel ready to leave the work force and eager to start living your goals, travelling, pursuing new hobbies and interests, volunteer work, sea change or tree changes, looking after Grandkids, the list goes on!

Or there may be issues such as lack of job satisfaction, a potential retrenchment, health, or you may feel you wish to reduce working hours and transition to retirement at your own pace. 

Before making a decision, understanding your current financial position is essential.

We can prepare a Financial Plan that clearly illustrates your income, cashflow and tax position, your expenditure (now and into the future) and your savings capacity. 

Through our work together we will understand your unique goals and determine what income you are requiring now and how to fund your ideal lifestyle in retirement. 

We will then advise you as to how to structure your savings capacity to bridge the gap and ensure you can retire with peace of mind. 

Strategic issues may include:- 

  • How to stage and structure your contributions to superannuation.
  • Transition to Retirement Strategy
  • As a couple you may be wishing to retire at different times
  • You may have turned 55 (or resigned) and need to make decisions about Defined Benefit Super
  • Recontribution Strategy
  • Superannuation Splitting
  • Centrelink
  • Property decisions including downsizing
  • Estate and intergenerational planning, including tax implications
  • Aged Care – building your future aged care plan into your retirement plan.
  • You may require assistance planning and implementing aged care options for your elderly parents
  • Maximising inheritance

We have been helping our clients achieve their ideal retirement lifestyle for over 23 years.

Dear Michelle and Lisa,

Thank you so very much for the retirement card and yummy bottle of wine. I have appreciated all the support you have given me over the last few months enabling my transition to retirement to be a lot easier and manageable. Watching a desert sunset with the bottle of red and a campfire will be something to look forward to in April.

It is the personal touches, care and concern that you so thoughtfully give to your clients that make you such an outstanding group of people to be associated with.
— With lots of thanks - Dorothy"



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