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Hi Michelle, Thanks to you and Brett for the very detailed discussion today of our financial situation and options going forward. UFS really helps us see the big picture and we appreciate all the work you put into providing the advice.
— Rosemary, client since 2009
Michelle is someone I trust and has been my advisor through various stages of my life. Be it crisis management or long term financial planning Michelle has advised, assisted and cared for me and my family for longer than I care to mention.

She has a deep understanding of the financial rules relevant to a scientist working in the health system and is always up to date with the latest changes to legislation. I highly recommend her to my peers.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.
— Geoff Magrin, client since 1987.
Michelle has been my financial advisor for several years. I have always been happy with her professionalism and service ethic. Michelle and staff, at Unified Financial Services, are the happiest group I’ve ever had dealings with, the pictures above reflect the atmosphere.

Michelle is a fantastic financial advisor but is outstanding in her knowledge defined benefits superannuation within the health industry. Michelle Tate-Lovery’s advice for me upon retirement due to ill health was critical in maximizing my defined benefit scheme beyond what I had thought possible.

Michelle as the owner of Unified Financial Services was into fee for service and open disclosure before the rest of the industry even knew the words. Michelle’s advice is worth every cent. Great ROI!!

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
— Damian McVeigh, client since 2006.


Dear Lisa
For days I have been meaning to drop you a line. The feeling we both have after our meetings is so reassuring - that we can look forward to a stress-free financial future, thanks to your diligence.
Don't know how long it's been since we met Michelle in a poky little room in the Trades Hall building - but we are glad we did. Michelle and her team have come a long way since then and the venue is different, but the expertise is still cutting-edge.
Thanks for looking after us.

Regards, Valerie and Roger, clients since 2004.

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Have just viewed the UFS video. It is great. Also so true.
We have been advised by Michelle for many years now and are completely happy with her recommendations.
Retirement is a lot easier than we thought. Michelle and her team keep tabs on our investments, leaving us to enjoy life.
Regards, Valerie and Roger, clients since 2004.

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"I'm glad you and your team are keeping an eye on our finances. Our time with Lisa was very reassuring."


Testimonial from a client with a company structure who we were able to help achieve centrelink age: 

Hi Lisa & Michelle
Great news -  thank you soooo much for your persistent efforts and expert advice.  Very well done!   Please also thank Joanne for her help as well.
Regards, Derryn, client since 2010.

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"I feel fortunate to have met Michelle Tate-Lovery. I am grateful for her advice – she showed me the way to retirement and helped me through the transition process. Michelle and her fantastic team at UFS helped me set my goals and worked with me to achieve my goals. Having them helping and guiding me every step of the way gave me a lot of confidence.
Unlike a previous financial advice experience, working with Michelle and the team at UFS has always been friendly, positive, professional and supportive. I am confident in the advice given and with the continuing support of UFS, I can now focus on relaxing and enjoying my retirement……Thanks Michelle, Deryn."


"Thank you Michelle - I feel much relieved after our meeting and very comfortable with your suggested planning."
Carol, client since 2002.

June 2011,

"Michelle became my project manager who kept everyone on track, not allowing legal or accountancy issues to create unnecessary and costly hold-ups. She gave unprecedent support far beyond the usual role of a financial advisor. She was there to hold my hand with all the selling, buying and distributing of shares and property according to the terms of the Will, the dictates of law and the personal needs of a client in the middle of mourning and without a clue about the various business affairs her husband had left." Click here to read more from Teresa.
Teresa, Client since 2005.

"Tell Michelle that we took her advice, spent some money to feel happier - went to Ayres rock - Uluru!" 
Winston and Pat, clients since 1997.

"Hi Michelle,
Glad you liked the pictures - shows the lifestyle you and your team have made possible, thanks." 
Rog, client since 2004.

"Dear Michelle and Lisa
Thank you so very much for the retirement card and yummy bottle of wine. I have appreciated all the support you have given me over the last months enabling my transition to retirement to be a lot easier and manageable. Watching a desert sunset with the bottle of red and a campfire will be something to look forward to in April.
It is the personal touches, care and concern that you so thoughtfully give to your clients that make you such an outstanding group of people to be associated with."
With lots of thanks, Dorothy, client since 2005.

"Hope all is well. I have been meaning to email you to say that last year I paid off my house (thanks to your excellent financial advice!) and am now putting the extra money into superannuation as you suggested last time we met."

"Thank you for making my transition to retirement so painless and for all the well researched advice you have given to us over the years – looking forward to working with you for many future years"

"Dear Lisa, Thank you once again for your detailed insight into the financial world last week! I found it most informative and also it has given me the “push” I needed to get organised. I guess it’s hard to find someone who is not linked to a financial institution and pushing certain products as a result. Thanks again and I look forward to the next step."

"Dear Michelle and Brett,
Just a quick note to thank you for the incredible amount of work that you both put in to make our annual review so worthwhile and smooth, with outstanding explanations and helpful advice throughout the whole procedure. We appreciate all the back room effort that goes into something like this to produce a workable plan for our short and long term future goals." 
Guy and Ruth, clients since 2001. 

"Thank you for all your help and persistence / perseverance with cutting through the “red tape” with the likes of Health Super, I think you deserve a celebratory drink! Once again look forward to working with you in the years to come."

"When we first came to see you if was after a period of great hesitation and a feeling that just yet again we may be losing some hard earned money, as I had explained to you my husband and I had lost a tidy sum of money taking the advice of some very greedy financial planners...Then we met you Michelle. Now you were different. Talking to you was inspirational..."

"Do you have a life time coaching package!"


"Thanks so much for all your help. I am so thankful we're under your knowledgeable and protective wing. I feel confident and positive about the future in large part to your guidance and suggestions"


"Dear Michelle,

Thanks a lot following up the CGT matter. We also had the same advice from our accountant. We are very happy with the advice you gave us, it helped us clarify our options and priorities"


"I want to see you - there is no way I wanted to see anyone else - you know about privatisation and the financial issues, you know about medical scientists"


"Thanks Michelle, Your input and advice has been fantastic. We have put a lot of your suggestions to good use already. I look forward to hearing about any future workshops. I know many of the Big Deal girls are interested in participating."


"Thanks for all your help...you inspire us with confidence!!"


"Just yesterday (Sunday) we had waxed lyrical about the invaluable advice and support that we had received from you and how pleased we were with your financial services."


"After our meeting yesterday Peter and I realised (yet again!) how much we rely on your experience to help us enjoy our retirement..."

Ann and Peter, clients since 1993


"A note to thank you, Lisa and James for your assistance in my recent dispute with my defined benefit Superannuation Fund.


The successful outcome of this dispute was achieved in no small measure due to the professional input of UFS. Your assistance in suggesting the most appropriate terminology to use, knowing how to structure appeals, and responding quickly throughout a protracted process was invaluable.


The personal and professional support provided by UFS was particularly appreciated during an extremely frustrating time."


"Thank you for the very comprehensive report in regards to my query the repercussions of not taking up a leading teacher position in 2008."


"Without you I would be lost, I’m extremely grateful of the service you provide"


"A very delayed thank you for your brilliant presentation at my meeting. The DRS I have seen since my meeting have all commented at how informative and worthwhile your talk was. I hope that you have since found it beneficial aswell. Hope you enjoy the wine, and look forward to working with you in the future if the opportunity arises. Thank you again."


"I enjoyed our meeting last Friday week. Your positive energy and enthusiasm helped me feel positive about my transition into retirement."


(In response to the ASIC/ACA Survey 2003 Damning Report of Financial Planners from one of our clients) 

"Just a word of support to everyone at UFS and especially to Michelle during the latest press witch-hunt on financial advisors. I've always found you professional and helpful in my dealings and have no hesitation in recommending your services. Thanks again."


"It was good to see you again and I must say I walked away with a level of positive confidence after our meeting. We seem to be heading in the right direction and we both thank you for your assistance."


"You have been very affirming for me and have given me confidence to deal with issues"

"You are obviously very informed in this area, and also have a passion for what you do which serves to motivate your clients."


"Thanks for your help, advice and encouragement. It's good to know one can take the system on and win."


"I'm certainly coming to realise what it is I want from life and what it is I don't want. Just even the method of getting there is helping in reassessing my attitude to my current situation."


"I am already building my 'new life' thanks to you."


"I need the confidence of your expert advice before going ahead."

"I left your office feeling confident in the decisions made and happy that we have your assistance in these matters."


"The 2 hours with you last Wednesday represent the best investment we have made in recent years."